Tamar Valley Male Voice Choir

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Since being formed 2006 the Choir continues to grow in strength and popularity. Much of the success is undoubtedly due to the choir's good fortune in having the musical talents of Rosemary Cole as Director of Music.

We have nearly 40 choristers on a good day and the sections are well balanced. We are always looking for new members of all ages and if you are interested in joining please see our 'Contact Us' page for further details.

The Choir rehearse at Callington Methodist Church hall, Valentine Row, Callington every Tuesday evening in preparation for the many concerts that have been booked. Our philosophy is never to be complacent so we practise hard, and we are not afraid to try new music outside the realms of the usual male voice repertoire and have a lot of fun in doing so.

Over the years the Choir  has performed numerous concerts. The schedule for  2020 is filling up fast. We hope to continue to raise many hundreds of pounds for charity whilst providing enjoyment for our audiences.

Who is Tom? [Picture Left]


Tom is the official mascot of the Tamar Valley Male Voice Choir, and is truly representative of the once industrial Tamar Valley. On his person can be found daffodils, cherries, strawberries, apples and tomatoes all produce of the valley.


Tom also has a piece of net with a salmon in it as fishing was once a very active occupation in the area. Clutched in his left hand is a roll of music for the hymn “What a friend we have in Jesus” which was popular with the working people of the valley.


Many members of the Choir come from the Devon side of the Tamar and so as not to encourage any animosity twixt Cornish and Devon folk please note that Tom sports colours from both counties.


Tom was made for the Choir by Iris Snell whose late father-in-law was a member of the Gunnislake MVC and later as a second tenor in the Tamar Valley Society, part of which was a male voice choir way back in the 1930s.


   The Choir singing under the Christmas banner

   at Cotehele  

          The Choir presents cheque

              to St. Luke’s Hospice